Cyprus: Short-term & long-term economic issues

HCC-OUSC July 2019 invitation

The economic development of Cyprus is reviewed through a personal prism shaped by experiences as an IMF economist for a period covering many years. The early short-term success is contrasted with the situation during and immediately following the impact of the 2008 global economic crisis. Although Cyprus has been recovering strongly, several problems linger possibly hindering a future sustainable development path. Several “big” ideas are collected and adapted to the Cypriot economic reality which might have the potential to help. The pros and cons are discussed setting the stage for further technical analysis and societal decisions.
The event is co-organised by the Harvard Club of Cyprus, the Oxford University of Cyprus, and the MBA Program of the University of Cyprus.

What Makes or Breaks a Technology Startup?

Cyprus Seeds July 2019 invitation

Cyprus Seeds would like to invite you to a Networking event and a Panel Discussion on:

“What makes or breaks a technology startup”

Topics of discussion:
– What are the “softer” issues that often break a venture irrespectively of the strength of the business plan?
– How corporate engagement can help Cypriot startups and University spinoffs?

Guest speaker: Ms Anna Protopapas, Board Member of Cyprus Seeds, President and CEO of Mersana Therapeutics, a startup biotech company in the USA, developing novel therapies for cancer patients. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Chemical Engineering from Princeton University, a MS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University.

The event is supported by Oxford University Society Cyprus.